Method of washing and removing a lace front wig

Method of washing and removing a lace front wig

Washing a lace front human hair wigs:

With the right care, a lace front human hair wig can last an extended time. I suggest you buy 2 wigs in order that once you wash one wig you’ll have another one to wear. Generally, you ought to wash your full lace wig about every 4 to five weeks. But it is always important to wash your hair after swimming, heavy sweating, or when dirt accumulates, as it is too tangled.

  1. The primary thing you’ll get to do is take away the maximum amount of the glue residue on the cap as you’ll from the human hair front lace wig. Apply hair spray remover on any remaining glue on the lace. Use a soft brush to get rid of glue or tape from the lace.
  2. Before you wash your lace front human hair wig, spray wig conditioner to wet your hair. It softens the hair and prevents it from pulling while combing.
  3. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb your front lace human hair. Comb your hair from the top all the way to the root. Make certain to start out at the top of the hair. Combing your hair from the highest of your head can cause it to become detached, broken, or knotted.
  4. After combing smooth will shampoo evenly smear on the lace front wig human hair, with the fingers straighten. (You also can add the shampoo to the warm water and stir well. Then put the wig within the warm water, pat, and comb together with your fingers. Don’t stir, as stirring can cause tangles) make the wig acquire full contact with the shampoo. Rinse the shampoo off with warm water. Once the wig is clean, towel dry by gently squeezing.
  5. Subsequent step is conditioning. After towel drying the hair, apply a silicon mix conditioner on the hair evenly. Avoid using an excessive amount of conditioner. Wait about 5 minutes for the hair to soak up the conditioner. Then completely rinse it out with lukewarm water. Confirm the conditioner is rinsed thoroughly from the unit because buildup at the knots can keep the knots from moving freely and therefore the hair will start shedding. Again, very gently towels dry. You’ll want to put your wig on a wig headstand and starting at rock bottom of the hair, comb through, removing any tangles, working your high the hair to the lace cap. Avoid extreme tugging as which will end in a loss of hair. Only use a non-static wide-toothed comb. Then let the lace front human hair wig dry thoroughly. Don’t blow-dry the hair.

Removing lace front human hair wigs:

The Adhesive remover and 99% Alcohol will assist in removing your lace front wig. Spray the adhesive remover generously and permit the glue remover to figure. Don’t pull or tug the lace, it’ll damage your lace and your hair. Alternate between using the adhesive remover and therefore the 99% Alcohol to get rid of your lace. Don’t pull the lace or plan to force it off; otherwise you may damage your skin and therefore the lace. You ought to be ready to roll the surplus glue off of your skin and wig once the remover has set.


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